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Planning Your Engagement Session

So you recently got engaged and now you are planning your engagement session. While to some this may be fun to others this may be tedious. So much goes into prepping for your session with your photographer and we are here to make it a stress-free and enjoyable process.

We love engagement sessions because they not only give you a chance to work with us before your wedding day, but also get you comfortable in front of the camera. There is nothing like having a fun “date” as we like to call it and having those moments captured. Here are some tips to prepare for that session.



1. Pick a location that is meaningful to you. A lot of our couples live in another city than where they are getting married. We highly encourage capturing those memories where feels “at home” to you. Whether it is where you live or where you met or where you frequent or went to college. The possibilities are endless. Being somewhere that is comfortable helps ease the stress of your session.

Pictured above, our couple Blair and Andy opted for a session in Brooklyn, New York even though they were getting married in Gibson Island, Maryland. After a sunset session around DUMBO, we ended the evening on the rooftop of their building. It doesn’t get more personal and amazing than that!


2. Choose outfits that scream you. We like to suggest 2-3 looks for an engagement session. We’ll send you all the Pinterest inspiration and mood boards to help you envision your day. While some clients go for a dressy and casual look, some go all glam! It truly is up to you. Think about what you will be using these images for. Will you use them on a save-the-date? Will you hang them in your home? Do they go on a wedding website? Thinking about that will also help you determine the style, look, and feel of your session so it’s cohesive.

Pictured to the left, Cierra and Mike opted for a fun and colorful vibe for a rooftop session in the city. It was freezing cold, but we had a specific vision and these colors are to die for! Pictured to right, Raynell and Ulrich changed into a more casual outfit that really worked well for their tropical destination wedding. The clean, bright white against the agave plants matched their overall wedding aesthetic beautifully.


3. Pop some bubbly! Still a little nervous before you get in front of the camera? No worries — pop some bubbly or bring your favorite drink to lighten the mood. If that’s not possible, I recommend having a glass before your session or making a pit stop at a local restaurant for some pretty images and cocktails!

Pictured above, Ameet and Meera brought a bottle of champagne to celebrate their session on the beach. It made for some incredibly romantic pictures at Rosemary Beach!


4. Schedule Hair, Makeup, and Grooming Appointments. This is the perfect time for a wedding beauty trial. Guys, get a great haircut and groom a few days before your session. And ladies, schedule your hair and makeup trial for your engagement session. You’ll want to look and feel your best.

Claire and Barrett scheduled all their appointments before their session. After a fun evening at Maketto, they were ready for a romantic date since they were already dolled up. If you ask me, they look incredible!


5. Relax and have fun! This session is all about getting comfortable in front of the camera and ultimately about celebrating your engagement! We’ll help pose you and by the end of the session, you will be pros!

To the left, Lauren and Ben had a glamorous session at a local airport. Some of my favorites moments was sitting on the ground and getting all cozy. They were totally relaxed and into the moment. To the right, Brittany and Ryan had fun twirling around the Jefferson Memorial at sunrise! I love how much happiness is captured in this image.


6. Bring a prop. Champagne glasses and champagne are always an easy prop to bring. But think outside of the box. Does a cozy blanket on a fall evening speak to you? Or how about a super chic accessory that matches your outfits well. Having something to do or interact with is a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera.

Pictured above, Nicole and Craig brought a warm flannel blanket to match their fall session in Fells Point. It kept them warm and it gave a sense of the season they were in!


7. Get creative. We love finding new locations, creating a vibe, and setting forth a style for your session. Don’t be afraid to give those specific thoughts to your photographer and planners. It will help you create an overall vision for the session and that is super important to getting the images you want. If you need some help, ask your photographer for dream locations to start. We are here to help you bring that vision to life!

Pictured above, Sara and Chris wanted an urban, gritty location as part of their session. Union Market proved to have the exact vibes they were looking for.

I hope this helps you get a better idea of how to approach your engagement session. We love having the opportunity to work with our clients on more than one occasion. It truly makes for a smooth and stress-free wedding day!

Photography: Renee Hollingshead

Film Lab: The Find Lab


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